Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dustbin day Tuesday

Wonka here.  main excitement was making sure Baba not nerve wracked by dustbins being put out.  He wasn't.  I'm sure this is evidence of a complete lack of nerves in his tadpole like body and too many in Owner's.  guilty of appropriating (? long word even for me) all else with own excessive feelings and wotnot.  Me?  cast to the back of the queue as ever.  Infact I rushed upstairs for a nap and Owner followed! fortunately I did have enough room to stretch out.  After the dreadful news of my hero Rafa 'going out early' don't want to watch any more tennis.  Magnificent in defeat my Rafa.  might watch bits of to see famous and the like in the crowd.  tonight's offerings are enders with more drunken lauren and wicked lucy and Holby if nothing else.  Owner says must go out for milk.  What now?  big love wonka x