Friday, 21 June 2013

Full on Fridee

Wonka here.  end of week and Owner once again showing signs of  weakness trying to lay in past the alarm etc.  Obviously I jumped on feet a few times to startle into getting up.   Baba is becoming increasingly annoying and on my last nerve ending.  The yodelling has stepped up.  This wasn't a problem when Owner whisked to vets he was barely talking then and near to death's door (their prognosis not ours).  Must stand tall.  Owner noticed some tufts of white fur on the shed door that do not belong to Ruggles, the stray with the lifetime pass into yard.  Is this the usurper Owner has foolishly named?  I say foolish as this is sometimes followed by a fostering stroke adoption and we cannot cope with more.  double dose of Corrie with a wedge of enders to keep us going here.  Myst dash.  Big love Wonka x