Thursday, 27 June 2013

nearly Fridee thursdee

Wonka here.  we all slept in and Owner mystified that alarm failed.  I say it was turned off whilst Owner snoozed on.  needless to say when day starts in a hurry things go wrong just as fast.  don't fear we were fed and watered (Baba still on best fish) but in the main left to it.  I managed a couple of naps and may have chased Baba for a bit of exercise.  Owner arrived home talking of giving up work forever and was it just the locality, the students, the this the that?  No I said, it's you (and hid under the bed).   Once the dust settled we put the tennis on and it's that nice jocovitch chappie seems to be hitting the ball alright and that will do til enders comes on.  Hoping for a calm few days and I know you will want to know my eye dried up and haven't hardly sneezed all day.  big love Wonka x