Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Sunday

Wonka here.  slow start to day and frankly it stayed slow.  Owner wanted to go back to bed mid morning on about duvet day.  What?  I was up and doing and needless to say Baba couldn't wait to go out and trot the few yards into the dog kennel.  Had to be rescued when thunder and lightning as Owner frightened he was frightened.  I ask you.  some light relief when Owner finally went out to visit aged parent and came back remarkably sane.  tonight there is nothing on and after the excitement of the Voice and dark horses winning (whinnying?) I fear Owner may sink into a Sunday eve gloom bordering on anxiety attack about what the week might hold.  if I have my way, more chicken, and more tasty biscuits as we are running low.  Big love Wonka x