Wednesday, 26 June 2013

worrywart wednesdee

Wonka here.  late report due to one mishap after another.  I know I shouldn't have lashed out when Owner stroking me nicely whilst under the bed.  Me I mean - the only time Owner under bed is when needs to clear up 5 years worth of dust and mites etc.  Anyhow, instead of purring and being a nice cat for some reason I gave Owner a nasty clawing on the wrist.  doesn't help when they get stuck you know?  Owner says may forgive me in time and even though I have washed it round I noted tension and frosty looks.  To follow this up, all I needed to do was develop a sneezing frenzy (not quite up to Baba's standards) and show a runny eye.  then wash it with a pathetic look.  This worked and Owner went into a full on worry bordering on stress and anxiety attack.  Apparently culminating in a row with aged parent about nothing.  tell me about it!  I've got to get on with Baba day in day out.  Just following a bit of tennis as Federer worth a gander.  Then it's more fun with those darlings at 9pm.  Surely this time one of those fractious Barbie dolls will go?  Big love wonka x