Friday, 19 July 2013

fantastic fridee

Wonka here.  All's well it really really is.  This is despite anxiety attacks in the deep of the night plus those confounded seagulls.  Must they make such a racket!  at three in the morn!  Owner far too hot and says am I moving too quickly...I didn't bother to answer as just a blur in front of my eyes.  Mostly celebrating end of yet another full on week and I must enquire of you chaps out there, was it a good week for you?  me and Owner do hope so and better than this want to pass on our good fortune.  I shall leave you with The Shrine of Baba.

Owner says a miracle will soon happen.  Watch this space I say.  Now as usual resigned to soap offerings and must say the storylines seem similar, unrequited love, torture and blackmail and we love it.  Rug has been for his supper and no sign of usurper as yet.  Must go.  Big love Wonka x