Thursday, 11 July 2013

Fraught thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner now showing signs of stress so goodbye calm and collected.  Stayed up half the night to finish a book and wonders why tired.  I ask you.  Disappeared off supposedly to get more supplies for me and Baba and made huge mistake of fitting in visit to aged parent.   Managed to bring back to earth by pointing to Baba's bony and moth eaten fur and pretending I hadn't eaten all his fresh fish and chicken.  I had.  Owner convinced he soon to join our beloved Golly in heaven and is busy praying to St Francis.  Me?  trying to stay cheerful that's me.  Had to have electrics checked or Landlord might be sent to prison.  Joking joking.  Nice couple of lads or so I'm told as I ran straight upstairs and hid under the bed.  apparently one of them had a little torch tied round his forehead and I only wish I'd been brave enough to see it.  Did catch the apprentice last night and distraught that pink lippy and that other waspish one who talks without moving her mouth (is she a ventriloquist) are the finalists.  Lord Sugar keeps saying and I quote 'I don't want to hear anymore!' and now Lord Sugar, now, neither do I and neither does Owner.  We can't abide either of them.  Tired out now. 
Big love Wonka x