Thursday, 25 July 2013

fraught thursdee

Wonka here.  doing nicely thankyou after being imprisoned in Owner's bedroom all day!  said for my own good (?).  House turned upside down entire day in the name of electrical safety.  four men it took to attack every know electrical inlet, outlet and socketlet.  and a new circuit board thingy.  As you may have guessed Owner stressed beyond stressment (that just means very very very stressed folks!).  We hid in the bedroom for most of the day and Owner rather short with nice workmen, even the jolly one with the little torchlight on his forehead.  No wonder they finished the job in one day rather than two.  Still pondering on the name of our newly born princeling.  George.  Might grow on me might not.  Do like Alexander and do like Louis.   Oh what the heck of course we love the name!!  Owner about to hoover and this means under the bed for me as if I haven't been under it enough today.  Rug been for tea and looked a bit woebegone especially round the half of a tail he's got left (happened last year and cost Owner no end of anxiety).  Now I've checked the paper, yes I have, to not only see what is on tonight but to catch up with the news but only got as far as the royal babe. We cannot get enough of the Royals at the minute.  Nothing on tonight nothing, only enders to cheer us up (joking of course) and possibly if Owner stays awake, the hotel inspector.  Now I must go before Owner starts up (the hoover, life in general etc).  big love Wonka x