Monday, 22 July 2013

Mad Mondee

Wonka here.  Can I announce some breaking news please.  It is not searing hot where we are.  other breaking news is Owner fairly calm and not had one argument with anyone today.  What else is happening oh yes, Ruggles has been over for a snack and been fed and watered, so have I when Owner noticed I was starving.   We have seen and heard a bit of news though.  alright I will have to join in with this media scrum thing and report what everyone in the entire world is interested in.  Well mostly.  or perhaps a little bit.  The royal babe is poised to enter the world and there are all sorts of bets on.  Owner thinks will be a boy and will be called Arthur James Mountbatten something.  my money on a girl and I rather fancy the name Victoria with Diana of course in there.  Not sure about Pippa or Carol.  even with an 'e'.  On a more mundane level life trickles on, and Owner has been out and returned as I say in a calm and collected mood although did ask me if I wanted a kitten.  No.  I do not want a kitten.  tonight's viewing which I spose will have to wrap round the royal babe's arrival is the usual fare.  Two times Corrie and one times enders.  Nice Hayley is now to die of cancer can we bear it and not nice Ian or Lucy his not nice daughter at loggerheads.  all too familiar but we love it.  time to check on Royal Babe.  no miracles at Baba's shrine as yet by the way but any day now.
Big Love Wonka x