Monday, 15 July 2013

milly molly Mondee

Wonka here.  How are we?   me and Owner bearing up and considering first day of week, remarkably sane.   For those of you who are used to being hot hot hot, well we are not not not!!  Once again had to lay very very still for most of day except for warning Owner that biscuit levels were dangerously low.  Owner went out early and came back slightly overwrought even by usual standards.  Said it was bureaucracy or ghastly red tape thing.  Didn't have to hide under the bed this time.  Went out again and thankfully I enjoyed a quiet aft.  Slight worry as those nice lads who looked over electrics, you recall the one with the torch on his head, I know you'd think we were down a mine shaft eh - well they want to return and basically turn the whole house upside down to put it all right according to H & S.  Owner still dealing with this one and me? glad you asked, I might have to hide under the bed all day.  tonight's offerings include comfort blanket of 2 X corrie and 1 X enders and hoping that nice lad Ian doesn't get tortured again by that evil lad whatshisname.  the one that wants to get back with whodoyoucallit.  must go as watching out for Ruggles.  big love Wonka x