Monday, 8 July 2013

off we go again Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner had phone call early doors and luckily we were up boys and at em!  Whilst Owner out slaving away (says) me and Baba had a chance to reflect.  this is the new thing where you simply stay as still as possible and think about stuff, or nothing as the case may be.  In Baba's case this would be nothing.  Like I said this is what Baba excels at, doing nothing so why should thinking involve thinking about something?  See what I mean?  boy, now I'm exhausted with thinking about Baba.  Anyhow, Owner finally rolled back in and saw to us.  not before time, we were starving!  Owner fairly upbeat in keeping with rest of nation following that nice lad from sconny botland winning a little tennis match.  That nice Serb, Novak is busy raising millions for a children's charity and I do hope he supports us felines in a spare moment.  Just saying.  corrie on with evil David up to no good sandwiched round enders with evil ***** fill in accordingly up to no good.  Must go as worn out thinking now.  Big love Wonka x