Sunday, 7 July 2013

super doopah Sundee

Wonka here. Well what can I say about today?  searing hot again, Owner braved supermarket again (different one too avoid aisle stalker....) I tried hard to do as little as possible but Baba beat me to it (Picture to prove...) erm.  oh yes!!! our beloved hero Novak thingy did his utmost and I mean utmost to hold onto title but guess what that nice lad from sconny botland won instead!! everyone going on about first to win in so many years and this old guy called fred perry who didn't wear shorts (must have been chilly on the court then) but I just don't get all the fuss and I'm sure my hero jockyvitch doesn't either.  I so love the underdog me - unless it's a real dog of course.  Anyhow, Owner been glued to the postage stamp of a tv all afternoon and me and Baba are starving.  I leave you with the thought friends, that anything is possible if you dream hard enough.  Big love Wonka x