Tuesday, 2 July 2013

take it steady Tuesdee

Wonka here.  still dressing as per autumn/winter really and of course heating on come tea time.  I'm managing alright I spose and finding warm spots here and there but Baba insisting on going out and nestling in kennel with strong wind and rain abounding!  and that I say is testament to his simple state.  What else?  Owner had to get quotes for delivering something and started off with a really daft one that could have gone either way and I mean hysterical with disbelief or just hysterical.  I advised to hang up quickly and try and stay in assertive mode.  Day progressed fairly well and we are all amazingly good humoured.  Owner fallen in love with the nice jockyvitch chap says he's so fit plus got personality to die for.  Maybe coming down with a cold or perhaps fever.  There's enders with usual far fetched storylines of people falling for wrong one etc, then the hospital one with people falling for the wrong one and then there's scary Luther.  Got to check on something must go now.  Big love Wonka x