Wednesday, 24 July 2013

take it steady Wednesday

Wonka here.  Owner up and doing and all was fairly calm until a phone call upset the apple cart.  That's all it takes you know, and sometimes I have to hide under the bed until dust settles.  And there's a lot of dust in here to settle, I know this for a fact since Owner been in every nook and cranny ready for the nice electricians to get in and reek havoc.  or havic.  anyway, the phone call was from the electrician, not the one with the little torch on his forehead, but the one who was polite and courteous and soothing in manner.  Well he rang up to say must rearrange job and cannot now do the two days in a row it will take to bring home up to H & S.  I have to report he withstood tirade from Owner really well and agreed throughout it was all his fault.  I commend him to the universal customer service standards for an award.  The upshot was, the two days will not be moved (along with Owner) and I still have to hide under the bed) although it may be prolonged but it's Ok because it's still his fault and not Owners.  Honestly, just when you think you can come out from under the bed and maybe even have a little peck in the dish.  I did get some chicken though as Owner burdened by guilt that I am alone and have no Baba to love (chase round).  Rug not turned up as yet and Owner still on about a new kitten.  I have said no and put paw down.  Must go as worn out with electrician thing.  Big love Wonka x   PS Royal babe and family all safe and sound in buckleberry or some fairytale sounding village.