Friday, 5 July 2013

thrilling Fridee

Wonka here.  another sizzling day by jove, so all fairly quiet and even Baba not too demanding.  Owner emptied out stagnant water from pot as thought Baba could die of strange disease if keeps on using this as main water supply.  instead of fresh water placed within breathing distance of his kennel.  I mean.  Just because he was pat and mick in the night and all.  Anyhow big news of the day is that Owner now fully in love with tennis and more or less understands the rules.  That nice lad from Serbia (or some such foreign country across the water) jockyvitch finally won out against that nice lad from argentina - the fact that he (del pronto) had met the Pope didn't save the day though.  As if that match wasn't exciting enough, another nice lad from sconny botland due to play another nice lad from ....where was it again? oh yes bonny Poland. janowitch or something.  may watch bits of corrie an enders too if Owner gets restless.  time to check on Baba!  big love wonka x