Thursday, 18 July 2013

toastin thursdee

Wonka here.  Had to lay on kitchin floor but blow me Owner had oven on! and it's one of those that carries on being on about 2 hours after you turned it off.  Why?  Can't Owner eat salad like rest of populace.....we don't do that outside eating thing, for a start off I am not allowed over the threshold incase I throw myself under a car, and second, Owner does not eat that kind of meat,, or horsemeat, or whatever they put in burgers now.  We're more your veggie kind.  Now if we lived abroad, then you know, the when in Rome advice would apply and no doubt we'd be al fresco (who is that anyway?) or indoors with the heating turned up.  Either way we would adapt and love it.  I must say Owner is very cosmopolitan or is it bohemian.  Did watch that nice apprentice show last night but Owner got agitated when pink lippy won out over just plain lippy and switched it off.  Tolerance is all I say.  tonight I reckon may have to flop on top of bed early doors as tired out doing absolutely nothing.  Owner been out working all day and says is tired too!  I ask you!  must go, Ruggles has been but there was a disturbance last night (just as Owner falling nicely to sleep) and I had to check at every window and make a small bleating noise, which was nothing to the noise the felines were making!  Honestly!. more checking to do.  Big love Wonka x