Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tolerable Toosdee

Wonka here.  well some like it hot.  Me?  could not get off to sleep last night and had to lay on top of bed as still as still could be.  and still too hot.  Mustn't grumble we passed St Swithin's day without a droplet of rain so all set for a 40 day go at it.  might need a sunhat at this rate or a cat fan.  Owner up and doing and seemed fairly on track even donated a big bag of old clothes (don't tell aged parent) to fave animal charity and bought a bargain whilst there.  this cheered Owner up immensely as back on the paranoia in the supermarket jive again.  I have reassured no one in their right mind would follow Owner anywhere but this begs the question......... visit to said parent and sibling also passed fairly calmly.  is it writ in the stars?  what you say?  I mean this new attitude of sorting it out there and then instead of spending hours mulling.  non-mulling could be next new thing.  Now you will want an update on Baba's shrine - no miracles as yet but St Francis has been known to love an animal or two.  Rug has popped by for breakfast and no sign of usurper or that funny old Mr Beaujangles.  Holby on tonight but jury still out not so with Idris - I say old chaps we rather like Luther.  Must go, late siesta.  Big love Wonka x