Thursday, 4 July 2013

trying Thursdee

Wonka here.  Went red hot unexpectedly and Owner wearing a cardi and shoes.  Baba in secret hiding place out back but spotted drinking stagnant water (by me).  I stayed as still as I could and tried to fend off doing anything.  Warned Owner about moving too quickly in the heat.  Top decision of the day?  stop buying cheap supermarket fish fillets because we don't eat them up! and neither does Ruggles! or the usurper (Tinkerbell).  Me? I demanded more biscuits and got indoor biscuits, outdoor biscuits and next door biscuits! only joking!  talking of next door, no one arrived as yet.  high hopes though.  Just had horrid thought, what if new neighbours have dogs? or worse, cats??  Let's not dwell.  Owner worn out with family business and says caring is wearing.  not sure what to look forward to, at least enders is on to entertain us.  perhaps.  Big love Wonka x