Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Turn around Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Dustbin day round again and Owner showed usual nerves about Baba and the bins.  I'm not sure he's got any nerves and if only Owner would realise, it's me that jumps at shadows and dustbins.  Reckon may be deaf (Baba).  Owner cracked on and was pretty assertive about a) the problem in the aisles at favourite shop b) the failing lhs indicator on beloved jalopy aka skylark and c) all else.   It is still burning hot and no one can believe it.  Again, all I can do is lay very very still.  Baba now has down to fine art.  We managed to fit in a small nap around our daily business and Owner calm and collected.  I pray this lasts.  Tonight's offerings are more enders and more convoluted plots where no one is happy and everyone thinks it was someone else that did it.  hmm.  There is a thing on 2 that Owner has mentioned about a cruise ship and I will give it a go then.  time to check on Baba.  Big love Wonka x