Wednesday, 10 July 2013

was Ok Wensdee

Wonka here.  talked up the hot weather too much and now it's gone.  Just for today though the experts say (oh no).   Chris Evans mentioned cloud on the north east coast and it was all downhill from there.  Owner sprang into action, always a worry, and disappeared off out leaving me and Baba to it.  I helped out by eating all his fish and chicken and he's not overly bothered and anyway was outside.  Owner returned briefly and then blow me went out again!  still fairly calm and this is stressing me out.  Baba?  hardly eating (and that's not my fault) and looks even more moth eaten than usual.  Owner thinks on way out and imagining the worst.  Also says dreamt of old dog Sam last night and this may be a harbinger.  or some such word like that.  My opinion?  My advice?  he'll outlive us all and eat us out of house and home etc.  anyhow must go as the apprentice thing on soon and it's Owner's favourite bit the interviews where they all get made out to be the cheats and liars we thought they were.  money on the quiet female or Neil.  Big love Wonka x