Wednesday, 17 July 2013

wasok Wednesdee

Wonka here.  I must again comment on how blinkin well hot it is and that we are learning to cope.  I have now perfected the art of laying still thereby using little or no energy and keeping cool.   Owner getting hang of it too.   did wake up with red eyes though and I warned not to scratch or itch as would make worse and look even funnier. (hid under bed).   Spotted that Tinkerbelle aka the usurper out back and tried to reassure Owner it wasn't starving to death and on the contrary looked in tiptop health.  Even has one of those reflective green collars on so doesn't get dashed to death by the racing circuit that doubles as our street.   only a matter of time I fear before Owner caves in and starts to feed.  That big heart will get you into trouble I keep saying.  Does Owner listen?  Now tonight's offering includes the grand finalee of that nice competition to see who can go into business with that nice Lord Sugar.  Frankly me and Owner despair of both these yaketty ladies cannot bring myself to like pink lippy even if does say she a Dr.  and the other one speaks with a strange accent.  Strange and annoying says Owner.  Must go, Ruggles might be in the yard.  Big love Wonka x