Saturday, 24 August 2013

Drizzle down Satdee

Wonka here.yes you guessed it had a little bit of the wet stuff so all the plants very happy and put a damper on us inside.  Think it to do with bank holiday, so weather must turn plus a big Rugby game down in Wembley.  All adds up to a spot of poor weather.  Oh and Chris Evan's had a car fest down south.  But most of all I blame Owner for watering all the plants the other night.  So what with drizzle and gloom not a sign of any get up and go today to be seen. Owner managed to drag off out at lunch time and drag back without any packages, boxes or lampshades (or kittens).  So I just went straight back to sleep really and only woke up to move from settee to Owner's bed.  Ruggles arrived early for his tea and is still slightly amazed and taken aback by the new delux carpeted shed.  The spirit of Baba is in there you know, as Owner thought should be final resting place.  he loved it in the shed so much that when he was recovering from death's door one time with cat flu, he begged to go out and foolishly Owner let him.  Would he come home again?  Owner searched high and low until he turned back up in the morning bleating outside the back door,  Well he was only snuggled up in the cardboard bed box in the shed all night long wasn't he!  We do miss him.  Owner has been looking at adverts in the pet shop doorway but didn't bring a kitten home.  Only a matter of time.  We loved celebrity masterchef and to our amazement and delight Les Dennis was saved!  despite eggs and apples being together a no no according to the panel eating it and John T and Greg.  We love them lots.  Now tonight is a wasteland really so we are having to watch a repeat of Dragon's den.  One of them has corkscrew curls and is very serious as befits a Dragon really.  oops nearly fell asleep mid sentence there, perhaps need to turn over.   There's that strange new game show thing about safes being cracked and then beloved Casualty, our security blanket for Satdee,  owner went mad and got us a lotto ticket so watch this space folks,  now go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x