Wednesday, 7 August 2013

easy going wednesdee

Wonka here.   Of course now the really really hot weather converted to just plain ordinary sunny and warm and let's all be grateful weather, well I don't need to stay still quite so much.  nearly as much.  come to think of it, I haven't moved overmuch today.  I did move to inspect Ruggles in the yard awaiting his teatime.  yes do not fear he was catered for whilst Owner abroad.  I do like that saying when it means just outside somewhere not necessarily out of the country!  If we could go anywhere and had three wishes bout this.  1.  probably New York.  2.  probably Isle of Skye infact reverse the order and three erm, probably Wales.  You will all think what stop at homes they are!  all the wonders of the world are out there, well Owner thinks as you know, that Baba's shrine pretty wondrous and the Buddleia is still shooting up to the sky.  So yes a laid back day, Owner thinks has sorted the email crisis and can I say again, without losing it.  On the box tonight we must catch up with Corrie and nasty boy David in the crashed van with nice brother Nick, then it's celebrity masterchef to wet our appetites.  Just wish Owner would stop fretting about me being lonely.  Keeps mentioning a kitten or even worse a puppy.  I think not!  Big love Wonka  ps the usurper (Tinkebelle) spotted whilst Owner away, trying to munch up Ruggles' tea time.  x