Thursday, 29 August 2013

Face up to it thursdee!

Wonka here.  Well guess what?  After a very calm night and morning and afternoon Owner did face up to it!  The Dentist silly.  yes, said was very brave and endured the 'treatment'.  Rather proud I am.  Of course we used a lot of divergence tactics like watching a Jimmy Stewart film - never heard of before or seen, and there it was on the screen begging for us to watch.  Boy gets girl after prolonged courtship and don't we just love that!  We think he was in insurance no less.  Plus a baseball champion or something.  There's usually some sports involved eh.  So we watched that, and Owner did a bit of sewing, always calming that.  But get this, our new neighbour is moving in.  Watching out the front and then I spied someone valiantly trying to park and failing.  Must be new to the road I said, and lo and behold, they trip trapped up to the house next door with bits and bobs.  We can only pray they are a good and beautiful neighbour, perhaps Buddhists.  So as I say a lot of distractions to stop Owner imagining the Dentist's chair.  Now it is over Owner rewarding us with 'Flog it'.  Hmm.  Later on we shall catch up with Enders and the caravan in the glade.  Last up there had been an intruder cum burglar.  yes.  But best of all, is celebrity masterchef and our favourite contestant Les is still init!  And the serial killer Brian too.  it doesn't get tuffer.  Ruggles has been for his tea time and scoffed the lot.  Me?  thanks for asking, well been offered a wide variety of food and sniffed at most of it and left.  May wander back later on.  Now take care out there folks.  Big love Wonka x  ps Owner tried to follow this big political debate in the Commons but sadly lost interest.  Too much right honourable gentlemen I think.