Friday, 9 August 2013

Family Fridee

Wonka here.   Lovely day had all down to visit from nice grandson so been admired a lot.  Yes I am a big beautiful cat we all know that but so nice to hear it! Owner still in grand mood been on beach, eaten chips, ice cream and watched a dvd with tom Cruise in it.  Fact.  He is called Jack in three of his films including the one we watched and half understood (Oblivion).  Owner loves tom, and I had to put up with not remembering one of the films loved best.  had to google it in the end (grandson encouraged to drink more chocolate as it aids memory.  yes he is still alive and I am not under the bed!).  The film?  it was, erm, it was....only joking!!  Jerry Maguire.  Love him lots.  yes so they have been scoffing popcorn, sweets, bits and bobs all afternoon.  Tonight will be the usual soap fest, combining Corrie cliffhanger with nice Nick in a coma and nasty David slightly upset I said slightly, then Enders let me see oh yes, non drunken Lauren back and nasty Lucy turned a bit nice which is most confusing.  Just to make it hard there is an episode of Masterchef in between all this - that nice comedian noted out by the way, John something?  did like him as we love an underdog.  Now Ruggles has taken to coming round for breakie - no worries Rug, plenty of food thanks to Owner.  Baba's buddleia continues its growth spurt and miracles still expected.  Must go as feel peckish.  Big love Wonka x