Friday, 23 August 2013

Flipping Fridee

Wonka here.  Now good morn, good eve or just plain Hallo!!! Bonjour Cava? oh dear my languages are sadly lacking.  Do forgive.  Now here in plain old England, we are gearing up for one of those 'bank' holidays.  This is for everyone to basically tack an extra day onto le weekend and relaxez vous.  some people drink it away some people spend it away (in either sense of the word!) but me and Owner we will probably be transfixed in front of the box or if the weather holds may venture outside. Might do.  Me?  I will be transfixed on the sideboard or on the settee or on Owner's bed.  Today, Owner popped out and took aged parent out.  This was supervised by the nice activities lady, and two other folk joined in.  By all accounts no one had an accident, fell in the sea, was eaten by a giant seagull, or said they wanted to come home.  Owner returned tired but calm (which let's face it, is good going).  Said couldn't eat any tea as full up with fish and chips plus 99 icecream (had to go to two places as the first said their ice cream maker on the blink.  Owner gave grim smile and trolled off to next place.  They said waiting for their ice cream maker to recalibrate or whatever it was doing.  Luckily for the entire population it coughed up two decent cornets as we used to call them).  So yes, Owner nicely tired and we all know what follows this?  yes it's feeling old and ugly (went under the bed incase).  Happily, Owner distracted by remembering to feed me and look out for Ruggles.  Now here follows a photo of me investigating the lampshade box.  you recall Owner went out for Daughter's present (got) and came home with a lampshade as well.  Hmm.

Just checking for anything else in there, but no, nothing but an empty box once Owner stood on the table to put up the said lampshade.   Thankfully it looks the job.  We did love Celebrity masterchef last night and somehow yes it was a close thing, that nice Les Dennis has stayed in despite debacles with puddings and not keeping up in the restaurant.  he turned out a beaut of a cheesecake, made us dribble, and we know how much Greg loves his pudds.  So nice Joe C that big boxer got the sack instead.  two lots of corrie and the question on all our lips is, will nice Nick be nice Nick still!  if he does come out of the coma??  and will nasty David's babe be born in between times?? of course it might be coma nick's babe.  Exciting or what.  then there is Enders and a new strange half sibling person has turned up to do with scheming Ian.  Me and Owner not figured out yet the exact relationship and possibly will never do.  Oh and thingy keeps moaning on about murdered 'eather to mobster Phil.  So really, I must get off.  have a calm and peaceful evening won't you.  Big love Wonka x