Friday, 30 August 2013

Frantic Fridee

Wonka here.  Well I say frantic only due to Owner powering up a notch or two!  First off, does the new temporary crown (and we are not talking tiara) drop out of Owner's scaled down tooth.  did not swallow it, thanks be.  Sure the Dentist is wondering what he has done in this life or any of the former ones to deserve this relentless treatment over one tooth!  it refuses to keep anything fixed to it and Owner lives for the day when it is crowned for good!!  Luckily, and as Owner is a good customer to said Dentist, just needed to go and wait.  Apart from this, Owner fitted in a trip to town, an appointment at the bank (as usual this not to plan - what is it with Banks and appointments?) a trip to return those trousers that would not fit Owner if went on diet for a year, and then a trip to aged parent.  Also rather daring this, took Aged Parent out!!  Survived nicely and has come home alright, plus new temp crown still on.  so far.  Nearly forgot whilst I was trying to get a nap this morning did Owner announce applying for a new job.  Now I really do need a nap.  has only gone and got an interview and there is nothing more anxiety and stress ridden that this!!  We will be living on our nerves all week now.  In the meantime folks, Rug was there on the shelf in the shed for his brekkie.  We love him and he may be outside even now waiting for his teatime.  Tonight's offerings are Enders with more extreme storylines from the caravan in the glade.  Jay is kissing the wrong girl and has been spotted doing such when his real girlfriend may be having his baby oh dearie me.  And there is a smaller storyline to do with ten grand going missing.  But best of all there is beloved celebrity masterchef and our hero x 2, that is Les and Brian - I know we must end up with one of them but love them both now.  Now you all go steady out there as le weekend est ici!  Big love Wonka x