Monday, 19 August 2013

Get on with it Mondee

Wonka here.  bonsoir, or bonjour out there, howdy do and docvedanya folks!  now where are we?  Well owner had to sort through the sideboard and oh no, the cupboard under the stairs.  I thought might have to miss lunch tea and supper at this rate.  After carefully reading letters, papers, bills, cards, Christmas cards, newspapers, credit card rating (nearly under the bed job) made a small pile to throw out and a massive pile to keep.  I ask you.  Not content with that, then moved onto under the sink.   Finally finished 'sorting' and popped out.  Said a lot of lunatic drivers, pedestrians and parked vehicles out there.  Begged to sit down and watch a dvd and luckily, Owner complied.  This is unusual and maybe prompted by suggesting that nice 'Django' film with a good solid storyline we can understand and enjoy.  Plenty of random shooting, blood, and a love interest too.   Had to pause it on a particularly cliffhanging scene due to start of our favourite soap fest.   nice Nick still in a coma, Rita got make up back on, and the racism storyline back on.  whoopee.  May try and stay up for the dome on 4 to keep Owner preoccupied (carpet day tmro = me under the bed).  Owner recognises the stress of things moving about, loss of toys, beds, feeding places and keeps giving me chicken.  Ruggles turned up early and had a bit too.  Oh and the usurper, Tinkerbelle trotted in the yard this afternoon sporting a yellow collar plus bell (why name of).  Ran off when Owner spoke nicely and thank goodness or we will have extra to feed.  Got to go as some seagulls on the roofs and that excites me no end.  The Buddleia?  Growing fast!  Big love Wonka x