Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Je t'adore Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  Now you will want to know immediately how goes it with the new carpets?  following this up with a picture of me on it!!  Owner up at the crack of dawn well 6am to continue the grand preparation for the event.  shifting this, moving that, it's a wonder I wasn't stashed away in a cupboard.  Instead I was whisked upstairs avec the cat litter tray and enough food to feed the nearest cat sanctuary.  At last, a minutes peace to myself!  So during the entire episode of old carpets out and new carpets in, I dozed off listening to nice Radio 2 and that nice Ken Bruce.  Magic.  Just one song that Owner felt it necessary to terminate..said voice getting on nerves.(?).   Finally I was released into the new domain.  Wowzer, felt so soft underfoot I had to roll round and even give it a little scratch or two!! and here I am...........
    I know it rather suits me doesn't it!  Naturally Owner been in very good mood all afternoon and keeps drifting from room to room.  Been on phone to daughter and there was talk of a cat needing a home.  I did listen up as of course this affects me rather.  Not a kitten, no, it is three years old and been left to it by all accounts.  Called Tommy, and is black with  white bib.  As if I want to know these details.  I mean we still miss Baba!  And there's Ruggles to nurture...  now Owner been yawning and talking of an early night but still to watch enders, storyline seems to linger on Ian and his multi national business of café and restaurant oh and his ex Denise.  Nice non drunken Lauren seemed to profit from just one counselling session and transform into a mature woman (??)  Then it's our second best hospital drama Holby City.  not a patch on Casualtee I say.  Now time to trample on the carpet and check for Ruggles in the yard.  bonsoir, toodlepip, and go easy out there.  big love Wonka x