Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lovable Thursdee

Wonka here.  Now don't be sad but me and Owner are to have some time out so try not to miss us too much.  Just a few days out that's all.  I beg you to be there when we come back!!  Gone very very hot again so you guessed it, had to lay very still for most of the day.  Lovely!  Owner been out and came back laden with food, all for me and daughter you know.  Dentist cancelled (by dentist! was ill! not toothache we hope))  Again, lovely.   New TV came on a treat and this alone has made Owner happy.  For third time, lovely!!!  Now as this is short and sweet let me update you.  we loved celebrity masterchef especially that Janet Street toothy porter woman, she is ace and has Greg in a tizz,  He called her ferocious.  John T as ever is boosting up the nervous cooks.  We will be glued to this tonight after Enders with more on the twists and turns of the relationships in the square!  No one loves anyone!  Everyone after the wrong one! Glory be.  Can I remind you that the Buddlea, Baba's buddlea that is, continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  Owner has mentioned a kitten to me once again and I wondering if I might like a little thing to boss around and maybe befriend.  I said maybe.  Ruggles is due for his tea anytime so must go and check.  go steady all.  Big love Wonka x