Sunday, 11 August 2013

Relatives Sundee

Wonka here.  Been a nice sunnified day and Owner slept like a top blames it on the chocolate drink.  In future is going to drink cocoa twice a day as it aids memory.  Fact.  Scientifically proven.  Between a rock and a hard place as if I encourage could be seen as saying yes you are forgetful, not to encourage could be tricky if Owner then goes on to forget stuff.  I could easily become a scapegoat or scapecat to be precise.  Obviously I encouraged.  Owner set off with grandson to a family christening with all the usual dangers.  Coming across relatives I mean.  Could be OK could be very not OK.  Was somewhere in between Owner reports.  On the upside, I had a very relaxing day now I've got the full settee and cushions back.  Whilst grandson here had to perch right on the edge of the settee with hardly a bit of cushion to pad claws into.  slight problem this eve, with (again) only two programmes worth a look in yes you got it, both on at same time.  It's the Mill which is a tough gritty drama, reminds us how lucky we all are for an hour, or it's Dragons Den, a tough gritty reality show, reminds us how un-enterprising we all are for an hour.  Owner not decided, so might suggest a cup of cocoa.  Dear Ruggles was waiting on the bench out in the yard for his teatime.  wooden mouse is by the back door (just where Baba used to sit) and the Buddleia as you know is busy growing.  Like the beanstalk.  Must go as feel in need of a nap.  Big love wonka x