Saturday, 17 August 2013

so so Satdee

Wonka here.  more painting.  more smelly rooms.  more paint on the carpets as Owner spilled a tray of it.  It's alright though as remember they are being changed. otherwise I would be under that bed for a month!  What with all the upheaval I had to rest up this afternoon and when I came down the whole room had disappeared and been replaced by another room.  chairs moved, table moved, this cat is out of his comfort zone I'll have you know....Now on a more interesting note, the house next door has attracted viewers and Owner made me stay on the look out.  As you know we are praying for perfect, kindly, beautiful and generous neighbours.  Ruggles turned up early doors for his tea time and luckily the steps were back outside for him to sit on.  I made Owner stand on sideboard to reach to near the ceiling which is when tray of paint fell out of hand onto carpet.  Begged Owner not to paint upstairs and so far not on to-do list.  Brief respite when Owner dashed out to go swimming but apart from that no let up.  Even my toys are cleared away!  Left to play with one jingly blue plastic ball and a bottle top.  Might start a petition.  Anyhow, Owner finally sat down and guess what?  that's right, nothing on to entertain us.  There's a new strange game show with that nice Mr Knowles but much rather have init to winit with nice Dale.  and then goodness me the clash of casualty and top of the lake.  What will we be watching.... do go steady out there, it's raining and blustery here.  Big Love Wonka x