Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sun filled Sundee

Wonka here.  Well blow me down if it didn't go hot and sunny!   Of course this led to prolonged nap on the settee and then the sideboard but not to worry as Owner popped out.  Said went down to the front (North bay) and was so heavenly had to walk down to the beach and along a bit.   The sea was out and all these little boats bobbing about on the sea. Did take photo but the little boats look like tiny white things in the distance.  Now there has been a fly buzzing about and Owner kept swatting it and jumping around and shouting.  don't know it you have seen Walt in 'Breaking Bad' and the fly episode?  Well Owner may have been auditioning for that.  Whatever, I had to run away into the other room while it was going on and believe me I do love a fly chase.  When I'm in charge of it.  We have looked ahead to tomorrow's Bank Holiday offerings on the box and guess what?  That's right, we can watch Ben Hur, or El Cid.  Take your pick.  Owner thinks El Cid as forgot the storyline.  heavens to betsy.  Tonight we will watch Dragon's Den and Owner entranced with one of the dragons.  I say handsome is as handsome does.  Then there is a nice gloomy and dark drama on Beeb one at 9pm if still awake.   Here follows photo of sea and tiny white blobs (boats):
Even got the open top bus in!  As Owner taking it says this stranger offered to take one with Owner in it, and this beautiful scene as the backdrop. Thankfully Owner declined.  Talk about going to spoil a perfectly good view!!  Only joking!!   Ruggles was in the shed on his delux carpeted shelf waiting for breakfast this morn.  Soon be tea time.  Having to watch 'stand by me' for millionth time but a bit of a security blanket for us.  Now go steady all you out there.  Big love Wonka x