Monday, 26 August 2013

Sunny Mundee

Wonka here.  Guess What?  Although it is an English tradition for a bank holiday to be rubbish weather, it continues to be hot and sunny!  Owner braved the shops too and only bought one mistake that admitted to.  My advice?  Stop buying a size too small!! And I say this just as Owner disappears out of the door.   Another mistake I must tell you about, Owner bought this chicken smothered in some smelly sauce stuff (now that's what I call alliteration!) and so had to go out hunting for the normal chicken.  I apologise without reserve to all chickens alive or dead who have ended up or going to, in a supermarket packet and then onto a tiny dish for me.   Owner says will give it up now and only started to eat it when thought was run down (not literally folks!).  In the news we have heard a giant panda in Edinburgh zoo may be having a baby, or even babies.  Will keep you posted as almost as exciting as Duchess of Cambridge eh.  Didn't watch either film you will recall we had a choice between El Cid and Ben Hur (and the difference is??)  as a) I was asleep on the sideboard and b) Owner sat outside reading a Stephen King book called Joyland.  Says nearly finished and wishes it was longer.  We loved 'what remains' and now got a crush on the detective.  As the Americans say, it is an 'age appropriate' crush too.  Think he might be called David threlfall or some equally difficult name to remember and spell.  And if it isn't him will check it out for tomorrow.  So big day tomorrow visiting Daughter who is getting worked up about birthdays (too many) so like the War in Fawlty Towers mustn't mention. To keep calm and collected we will watch corrie X 2, and think Kylie's big bump (bit like giant panda) is due to produce baby!!  but is it evil David's or nice Nick in a coma's??  may watch Enders although not keen on new teenager sprung up and still not worked out relationship.  is bound to turn out that she is related to entire 'square' and Queen Victoria her great great great great great Grandma.   We love it!  Now Ruggles not been for his tea time as yet so must go and check at the window and sniff the back door mat.  Go steady out there.  Big love wonka x