Saturday, 10 August 2013

Swimmin Satdee

Wonka here.  Howdee folks out there wherever you are!  well another lazyish day really although Owner reported waking up due to anxiety ridden dream.  What was it I prompted?  Owner said phone rang (always an ominous sign) then to do with a complaint (doubly ominous) about a job (I nearly went under the bed).  this made Owner get up in a highly anxious and worried state and had to talk down with nice thoughts about nice things.  Have to admit was a bit stumped there.  Couldn't touch on hair (still in progress) diet (gone off it) pending birthday (this is a no go area and means staying under the bed indefinitely).  managed to get Owner outside watering things and checking on #baba's buddleia - photo as promised to show growth spurt plus some nice insects which instantly cheered owner up (hurrah).  not much on the box tonight and the two programmes we like are on at the same time on different sides I ask you.  might watch a dvd if can follow it and understand the plot it has that nice Ryan Gosling in it.
I say it has grown.  Ah Baba.  forgot to tell you about the wooden mouse.  I never played with it until Baba noticed it and batted it around.  Then of course (it was my mouse) I wanted to do the same!  Well it has come back into play so to speak and we think it is the spirit of Baba in the house.  love him!  anyway Owner keeps tripping on it and then it moves to a new place.  will keep you posted on this strange goings on and maybe post you a photo.  In the meantime take care out there.  Big love Wonka x  ps rug been for his tea alright.  xx