Thursday, 22 August 2013

thorough Thursdee

Wonka here.  Hallo there, bonsoir, auf wiedersen and docvedanya!!!  There I managed a big hallo to all you good people.  Such beautiful weather here, blue sky and sun galore, so as you will know I have to sleep more when hot.  Luckily Owner sped off out on a mission so I settled down on the settee with the two cushions to myself.  I have only given the new carpet a tiny scratch or two and trying to reserve my best efforts for the hall carpet which is the old carpet.  Anyhow, I must share with you Owner's attempts to track down aged parent's clothing!  the case of the missing cardigan must be solved!  Hopefully owner wasn't too overbearing (me being polite you know) in the quest to find said item.  I reckon it is keeping some old dear nice and warm and why worry?  Why fret over a mere lambswool, quality garment that aged parent liked??  Needless to say, Owner just fell short of  putting up a 'Wanted! Dead or Alive!' poster.  As it was Owner said did a simple drawing of it as evidence.  I'm sure those staff all breath easy once Owner departed (not to mention the aged parent eh).  Didn't come home with a kitten either, and Ruggles continues to call early doors for breakfast and has been for his tea.  he didn't seem too startled by the new layout in the shed.  Owner rushed out there this morning and began moving it all round.  By 'it' I mean the old car seat that Ruggles nests on.  now he has a delux fitted carpet and the car seat.  Owner been eyeing up those igloo beds too.  Me?  expect I'll just have to make do indoors up against the radiator and that.  Now celebrity masterchef was tops, and that nice Les Dennis, we love him, but as John T pointed out 'his food looks a fright!'.  and his bread and butter pudding was in Les's words a 'debacle!'.  He is our favourite naturally.  We love an underdog or undercat!  So more of that plus the usual downtrodden Enders with the usual back stabbing and scheming goings on.  We love it.  Take care out there.  Big love Wonka x