Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ticketty boo Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks out there and docvedanya (?) to all else.  Now guess what, no the kitten not here yet but there is something good to report and for once it's all about me.  Owner goes out on usual 'be back soon' mission and finally comes back with..... a door mat!!  Took ages to unpack and I had inspected in the bag as it smelt very interesting and scratchable.  Goodness me, as soon as Owner laid by front door ready to capture all the muck and grime of the street (in high Summer?  I ask you) I tested it out for size.  You guessed it!  it fits a treat and not just that at long last I have a proper scratching post tailor made and convenient.  yes there is one of those stringy things laid upstairs with a cats head on it plus a bell but me and Baba didn't like it from the off and I said to him I said, 'Baba' and he said 'What?' and I said, we are never, never to scratch that stringy thing.  The end.  and so we didn't.  I tell you he would have loved this new one.  As it happens, I've gone off the stair carpet and even the hall carpet was annoying me.  There is talk of new carpets so I have that to look forward to!!  Also I have to report that Owner dared to visit aged parent and came back alright.  yes aged parent remarked on hairdo (looks nice) and apparel (suited Owner).  Mustn't make too much of it so haven't said anything myself about Owner's hair (under the bed job) or clothes (ditto).  as for impending birthday I may leave home and join a cattery.  Now I've been busy you know not just lazing around and there is a photo on it's way to show you wooden mousey.
to show the size of mousey I popped a little santa next to him!!  Owner found one day at the baths (nowhere near to Christmas.  Sign of??)  anyhow, remember that this is the mousey Baba favoured and was created once upon a time by Owner's Dad.  yes it used to have a tail.  Yes it is a wooden mouse.  End of.  Owner watching enders with predictable storyline says of non-drunken Lauren out to get ex boyfriend who may be not interested but thinks he is.  Honestly!  Then it's on with the hospital thing.  And lastly, you will want to know how Owner progressing on cocoa.  It is off the menu since spent last night wide awake (says).  Hopeless.  Must go, oh, Tinkerbelle (usurper) been spotted in Yard after ruggles came by for his tea time.  Has new yellow collar on.  Hmmmm.  Big Love Wonka xx