Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tired out Thursdee

Wonka here.  good eve to all and hope your day a good one.  Me?  thanks for asking, well lazy start and carried that on really.  Stopped here and here for some chicken (Owner heard me sneezing a couple of times and has me at death's door - hence the chicken.  Bring it on I say!) had a few naps and inspected the Yard.  owner still busy out there re potting and peering into the plant pots in case something new growing.  Of course the Buddleia has a daily inspection and is like the beanstalk sans Jacques.  and sans a giant come to think.  Also and as predicted it did rain in the night following Owner's mass watering.  do let us know if you need a raindance doing won't you.  Now Owner on a painting jag and I mean walls and actually anything that looks like it needs changing.  So far I cannot go near the front door which is a new weird colour (haven't said this in fact I admired it immediately) and is probably going to smell for a week.  We'll get used to it in time but not sure about the purple on the fireplace wall.  Distinctly not right. Again have said nothing, but may drop a hint or two.  So all windows open wide and I can't hear myself think for the traffic.  Oh, news on neighbour situation.  A parcel, or pack of people viewed it this evening.  I did best from perch on the windowsill to check them out but so far just looks like a family.  paws firmly crossed that they the tenants from tenant heaven.  Now we are geared up for enders, with non drunken Lauren sampling a drink to get over being in love with the wrong one (that nice Joey) and then Corrie with just about everyone in a coma, or in love with the wrong one or that nice Rita being attacked in the park by hoodie people, and that is thanks to that girl who had a baby for this nice couple and a bit like Lauren, got drunk.  Similarities you see!  Rug worried Owner no end as tail looks very sore but turned up for his tea time chipper as you like.  Time I rested up folks.  Big love wonka x  PS not to forget beloved celebrity masterchef we are in love with Shane from that nice boyband and strangely that nice Actor who played seriel killer in corrie!!