Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tomato Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Well another red hot day is this the global warming arrived at last to this neck of the woods.  I have been sunbathing galore on the sideboard and in the kitchen on the side.  yes this is one of the few surfaces Owner has to prepare food and such but unfortunately I come first so Owner reduced to another small square of surface.  It's ok though, as food does get sorted out!  Now I can report on a rather successful day out.  yes.  And we all know how hard it is to achieve a good day out.  The old pound notes help but as I keep telling Owner, feeling happy (like me most of the time) cannot be purchased.  No.  I mean, having nice biscuits at least seven varieties, and the same again with my pouches, does go towards this feeling of well being.  Oh yes, and waking up after a nice catnap and dreams.  But I digress.  Owner met with some of my distant cousins you know, first off with another Owner in the morning who is being looked after by two old beauties of the feline family, and then on to Daughter, and yet more!  These old beauties I have actually met up with, a few years ago and apparently shut myself in grandson's bedroom!  How anticat social of me!!  One of them, Luke, is having to take three antibiotics daily and will be wrapped in a towel like a mummy.  commiserations there.  Now just to tell you Owner came back with - no not a kitten - but a tomato plant!!  it is now very happy out back with the lavender and rosemary and photoshoot to follow:
There she is!  and one little ripe tomato peeking through.  And on these very same steps does Ruggles come up and lay down waiting for his tea time.  You will want to know what we are watching tonight. Oh and I must warn everyone that Owner may water not just the Tommy plant but the others!!  We will watch Enders as those nice teenagers have gone to stay in a caravan in a wooded glade.  And that teenager we cannot figure out who or why stowed away in the boot.  I ask you.  Only people who are going to be murdered travel in boots.  all know that.  May watch Holby City the other hospital drama where this nurse insists on keeping bad news a secret to husband but tells this rather handsome Doctor instead and wonders why husband jealous and upset?? We love it.  Must rush, or at least slowly look out back to see if Ruggles here for his tea.  Take it steady out there.  Big love Wonka x