Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tooty Fruity Thursdee

Wonka here.  Well greetings dear chaps and chapesses and hope good day had by all.  yes you guessed it a rather nice day had by me and Owner.  Me?  mostly because I thought I'd been abandoned by Owner and have to live alone possibly existing on insects and the drip from the water tap.  I know I had that nice cat sitter playing with me (quite tiring I had to chase a shoelace and inspect all old toys under the trolley.  I don't go there as a rule) and also Owner's daughter checking on me too.  Really exhausting being checked on and played with, so now, now Owner returned and it's beginning to feel normal again, I can truly relax.  And once Owner goes back into typical mode of being, full of anxiety and worrying about teensy weensy things(being ugly, old, fat etc) I'll be positively horizontal!  only joking!  Owner had blue stuff on head earlier on and nearly had to hide under the bed but all washed off now.  Yes looks fine (had to say that), no really I love it.  We are watching Enders and to our amazement that nice Lauren, the one with the slight drink prob has come back all cured up, and says doesn't love that bad boy Joey anymore.  then it's straight onto masterchef - we like the new team especially Denise who orders people round, She'd do well here.  Rug has been for tea and goodness me he called for breakfast this morning too.  Even a cousin is now talking of kittens.  I refuse to listen!  must go as cat is moaning to Bianca about 'stuff'.  Big love Wonka x