Wednesday, 14 August 2013

way to go Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Well howdy doo folks and once again bonsoir, docvedanya etc.  I do my poor best you know.  Well what to tell you?  Owner gone mad with plant pots, yes, had to re pot things.  I say best left alone but no, off Owner goes to well known store, only in search of cat grass.  I must have my pot of grass inside seeing as how I don't go and eat it outside.  and then I cough it up usually just as Owner is dropping off to sleep (but it's ok because I am already under the bed!!  or if not, in a nearby cupboard.  one day Owner will fix creaking hinges as has been known to disturb also when dropping off to sleep) - anyway, not just 3 packets of catgrass, but that stuff plants grow in, two plant containers and one pot.  Oh and a dangly freshner for the car (much needed) in the guise of a dolphin.  So then had to go out in the yard and mess about with it all and then had to water everything so sure to rain now.  It's as good as a raindance!  Then even more excitement as Owner bit the bullet and we are to have a big upheaval!  in the shape of carpets!  so more scratching posts coming up.  N|ow our beloved masterchef is back on so that's alright but beloved Corrie? put back due to the footie.  Not impressed.  Having to make do with a film that so far in, cannot get the gist of.  Can't be a horror as too early doors but is it a thriller in disguise of a feelgood?  Christmas is in it so may be one of those everyone poverty stricken, lovelorn, about to die when hey presto, the good fairy doth arrive.  Now the miracle buddleia is thriving, wooden mousey stationed by back door, and Rug has been for tea.  All quiet on the yard front.  go steady out there.  Big love wonka x