Wednesday, 21 August 2013

wonderful Wednesdee

Wonka here.  good day, Bonjour and hope you all having as good a day as me and Owner having!!  why you enquire?  What is so good you wonder.....well first up had a good night's sleep (without the cocoa - Owner refuses to drink it since last time) and up feeling 'up boys and at em!'.  I only pray it lasts.  So taking advantage of this mood, Owner decides to upload latest short story.  It is now published and I beg you my dear people to read it!  Just go to and search for 'Wonka' and believe me there are four beautiful short stories all by my dearest beloved Owner waiting for your delight.   Well if Owner happy then I'm happy.  Then after doing this, more action taken to go out there and hunt down a suitable gift for daughter's birthday.  Owner said only slightly sidetracked by going into Pets Are Us!!  Didn't know such a wide range of items available for cats..there were toys, more toys, beds luxury beds, food in pouches, tins, bags.  Was distracted in there for good 15 mins but luckily did not spend any money.  Said most mesmerising thing of all and I have to admit I would have studied this, was the six different species of cat litter.  Luckily, according to Owner I am on the right one.  Did get present for daughter (we pray she likes it)  and a lampshade. (?)  Not on list but said no matter.  But best of all, Owner visited both relatives and came home smiling!  This is nothing short of a miracle and wonder if somehow Baba's Buddleia growing at a marvellous rate, is behind it all.  No further mention of 'Tommy' but believe Owner thinking it over (could be in heaven by the time thought through I said), and debating on whether Ruggles counts as our other cat.  Yes.  But.  In the meantime, we will be watching beloved Corrie and hope they leave some Actors in it!  Owner says caught headline in one of those comic papers with the words 'sacked' and 'Corrie' on it.  We will get a petition up.  And then it's celebrity masterchef with another real live comedian in it, but as ever we think the less comedian they are the funnier they are.  One of those ratio thingys.  Now I know you want another picture of me on the carpet and you can have one:
this is me and that blue plastic ball - the one toy left to me when Owner tidied all the rest of them away.  Yes they filled a small carrier bag but what is a cat to do?  Must go and check for Ruggles.  Take it easy.  big love Wonka x