Wednesday, 28 August 2013

workaday Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Now some of you have doubt had busybee days labouring away somewhere be it home or a job.  for myself, I prefer to relaxevous, in a sunny spot.  Owner insisted on doing the rounds and that means visiting relatives and that could mean end of being calm happy and reasonable.  However, despite this agenda Owner returned looking fairly alright.  Said had lunch with aged parent and survived this Ok even enjoyed the food (careful) still hoping to solve the case of the missing cardy without calling in the CID (cardigan investigation Dept).  We live in hope.  Other visit also passed off alright, no red rags to a bull.  it could be anything to set Owner off, sometimes just the mention of a name will do it.  But no.  And apart from being told looks tired (I'm saying nothing) aged parent did nothing further to antagonise Owner!  Now I know you will want to see me at my super dooper best and here follows me in a fave sunspot with just a few of my toys:
Owner kindly let me play with some of my best toys all popped into a carrier bag when the new carpets arrived. I say they don't call them car-pets for nothing!!  Anyhow I'm loving the continued sunny days and want it to last forever.  Back in the real world Owner getting revved up about dentist appt tomorrow.  They have rung to check Owner still going and Dentist hasn't cancelled or gone off sick as yet (who could blame him I say).  The nerves will take over and I may have to dive under the bed.  On the upside we are watching beloved Corrie with new baby Lily delivered safely on the settee by Gail and others.  Whether Lily is bad boy David's or 'in an everlasting coma' Nick we just don't know.  And then!  celebrity masterchef is onto the semi finals I do think.  Come on Les! Ruggles may be wanting some tea so must dash.  The tomato plant is loving it by the steps and I know a photo of the miracle Buddleia is due.  go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x