Sunday, 15 September 2013

big Birthday Sundee

Wonka here: first off can I announce a successful birthday! despite threat of gale force winds (outside folks) and rain, we made it through the day.  I wonder if the champers took the edge of it?  Owner may be a bit tiddly winks but will not harm I said.  Hoping this relaxed state lasts all evening and perhaps a little into next week... ~what presents you ask?  smashing pair of jeans from daughter and a CD and book to follow, thank you royal Mail!!!  A divine glass ready and waiting for the champers to flow into it from good friend, chocs, and card galorious.  Owner only changed what was wearing once and did not complain to my knowledge of looking old or ugly.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I was playing with my Aunty (Owner's daughter to you) and goodness me did I scratch by mistake! all taken in good part and the two red lines on her arm will fade in time I know - and I do know this because when it happens to Owner, there is a short pause, a silent scream, and that's when I go under the bed folks, but I'd say on average about two to three weeks for it to go completely.  Where was I?  oh yes trying to put down a little of my day never mind Owners'.  |I did give the carpet a good proper scratching as a small demonstration to Owner's daughter of how deep the pile was.  I did stop when Owner shouted STOP THAT NOW.  Otherwise when they rushed off for lunch I settled down for a peaceful snooze on my settee and had a nibble of the catfood I left at breakfast.  Ruggles has not been yet for tea time and I do know Owner worrying he won't like his luxury igloo.  I'll keep you posted on that.  Owner did enjoy the cake and there is a photo shoot:
all in all a successful day and I'm proud it went as well as it did.  the only known argument was between owner's daughter and grandson which is natural (I had to say that), tonight we will be glued to the hex factor with all the singers who could possibly sing including 3 nice brotherly brothers (a reincarnation of the everley brothers??) now to sing in front of a big load of people going yay! and Boo! and woe!  then it will be that fave crush of Owner's David Threlfall as that nice detective Len trying to figure out who killed that nice girl in the attic.  We love it.  Now go steady out there as it's a brand new week coming up and anything could happen.  Anything really nice could happen!
big Love Wonka x