Sunday, 8 September 2013

celebrating Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes we are both alright thank you very much and as for me, a rather nice sundee sprawled out on my two cushions (as you saw yesterday) in dreamy land.  Well I may have got up once or twice to check my dish (same food in it) check for Ruggles (he popped round and gobbled up his plate of best chicken and superior catfood) and check out the front (usual passers by but watching out for new neighbours).  Owner?  got up in very happy mood but didn't know why.  did you have a good dream I said.  Owner could not remember.  Continued to be happy even when dressed said liked what had on and wait for it, liked hair.  I am at a loss to know what has brought this positive even sunny state of mind on, and if I ever find out don't worry you will all be party to it.  Then Owner dashed off to see daughter and celebrate birthday number two.  if you will recall, there were three big birthdays, so two down and Owner's to go.  Said had proper cake with happy birthday daughter (her name) on it in pink icing, and all sang.  If I were lucky enough to have a cake and candles I know what I'd wish for.  Now don't laugh and don't be sad either, but I would wish for another cat just like Baba, but perhaps not quite so simple.  And perhaps more sturdy. And not so smelly.  Enough on that or we will all be crying into our hankies.  Now Owner is full up on the cake and all the crisps and that so has not had any tea.  This means will be starving at bedtime, just when they say you shouldn't scoff any food.  In the meantime Owner just noticed there is a double helping of Corrie on tonight and is even happier than before (is she in love?? now I never thought of that).  Then there is the singing show where everyone tries hard to sing and some of them actually manage it, and then there is Owner's latest crush on tv, that nice David Threlfall in what remains.  That's the one where that nice girl lay in the attic unnoticed for 2 years and none of the neighbours noticed.  I know you will be asking where is the photo of the cake then?  In deference to daughter who is photoed out as it were and does not want to see anymore ghastly or otherwise photos of herself, (Owner is strangely of the same mind - about herself I mean) so even the cake cannot be pictured here.  Instead I leave you with one of me crushed onto the side of the cooker:
I've got to sit somewhere for goodness sake!  Now I want you all wherever you are to go steady and enjoy your Sundee evening.  We did hear on the radio that our current tennis crush Novak thingy is in the final with heartthrob Rafa.  Owner will be rooting for Novak but I may yet champion Rafa.
  Big Love Wonka