Thursday, 19 September 2013

didn't like thursdee

Wonka here.  not a good day no.  Owner said nearly walked out of job, I said you haven't, and Owner says no managed to hold on, I says thank goodness for small mercies (said a bigger prayer but didn't tell Owner.  we could starve you see).  Would only tell me that someone rude.  I ask you?  Now if it had been me, being rude to I mean, I would have immediately lept on them (spelling!) and even left a small scratch!  at the very least I would have given them a truly hard Paddington stare and ignored them.  yes I would have.  and if they had even tried to say sorry and be all creepy crawly and nice, I would still ignore them.  Now Owner says has flagged it up (is she going to join the armed forces? the navy) to a line manager now she knows who that is.  Said wanted to cry but didn't.  Well done I said, for not letting anyone see your emotional side! (nearly had to go under the bed).  So really folks I have to go easy on the carpet scratching, the being fussy over my 6 or 7 pouches and biscuits in saucers, and generally cheer Owner up.  What is there on the box you ask to make Owner smile?  well not Enders for a start off - although we missed Tuesdee's offering, I am not thinking we will find it hard to catch up with the twisted love, the yearnings of one wrong person for another, and then there's always someone wrongly accused in a prison.  If Owner can cope, may watch that nice educating Yorkshire if it isn't too close too home.  Now aside from all that, ups and downs agogo,, Ruggles has still not been in luxury igloo but nestling on old car seat, and Tinkerbelle is still alive despite whipping across one of the busiest roads in town.  Owner may write to council to complain.  yes.  I keep saying, and it is a trial keeping Owner happy and busy (looking after me) but tomorrow is another day and even better is a Fridee!!  And on a final positive note, the new tooth stroke crown is still holding up.  the nice dentist (we love him) would be pleased and we do hope he has a perfect holiday.  Now I want you all to enjoy your evenings wherever you are in the world and I promise to keep an eye on Owner.  Big love Wonka x