Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fire drill Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner had enough of today and glad it nearly over.  What I say?  yes says Owner,  for a start off the weather went really horrid.  Rain and wind and that is not a good combination.  next up says Owner did not have an uplifting experience at work.  No I says?  No said Owner.  it seemed to drag on an on with no one to have a laugh with or smile.  ~Well I said.    think it all went downhill for Owner once heard that current tennis crush Novak beaten solidly by my hero Rafa.  Rafa generous in victory but not heard how Novak has taken defeat.  If it were Owner would be gnashing teeth,  or perhaps not, knowing the state of them (sorry beloved Dentist).  Anyhow, the day dragged on and took an even more downward spiral when fire alarm went off a) at backend of day when all had enough and b) when rain and wind at their peak.  Owner took roll call of students without a pen and importantly without glasses, and was told not good enough.  did all over again with a pen etc.  I did cheer Owner up twice today.  First off by chasing one of my pack of mice round.  Owner said one of the students called it a scurry of mice.  and we like that.   I am showing you a blurred photo of the mouse and apologise for Owner's lack of camera know how on this occasion.  (First warning).  Then I made Owner laugh (if you only knew..) by hiding under the umbrella standing to dry near front door and racing up to the kitchen.  Now in keeping with a poor day, Owner may have compounded by visiting aged parent.  Says no, this went well (??).  Home and dry now and Ruggles fed too.  We look forward to a ridiculous episode of Enders now that the sister of the one who is marrying the one that is still in love with the one that met the newly released sister (from prison I did not mean a record) and will bring her back to the queen vic where the entire square will be gathered.  The fact that the newly released prisoner was in prison for stealing the baby of the one who had met her is by the by.  Also confusing is why they are all in the pub and not in front of the tv like me and Owner?  May watch the hospital thing.  May.  Now I want you all to look forward to tomorrow as it can only be better that today. 
well it's just one of the 'scurry'.  I love my mouseys.  For now, cherio folks.  Big love Wonka x