Friday, 13 September 2013

Fridee Fridee

Wonka here.  Now to all you faithful followers I thank you for taking an interest in our small (yet important) lives to date.  It has been (says Owner) yet another dreary day to end a rather heavy duty week (again this is what Owner is saying.  Lordy!).....  In the words of beloved Gregg 'it dunt get tuffer!"  Why you say, all this negativity abounding??  Personally speaking, and of course I know best,  I put it down to the autumn blues coupled with gloomy dank weather, coupled with a thankless job, coupled with huge gigantic birthday on the horizon.  I know you will agree with me but can I convince Owner not to beat self up, wallow in self pity all evening.  Life is too short I shouted! (from under the bed).  I tell you it is an uphill battle.  A glass of red might change things eh.  Now I happen to know, and I think Owner might take note, that our current tennis crush, Novak Djokvic thingy is fighting back.  Yes, never mind losing to that other tennis crush Rafa, he is up boys and at em!  that's the spirit and Owner must surely be inspired.  Says one of the lessons pondered too long on an upbeat positive nay jolly theme and this has plunged Owner into the glooms.  I do agree, that forced humour and jolliness can wear one down.  Now to cheer us up though guess what!  double helpings of Corrie and it looks like the Detective Dev and slow on the uptake Jason have finally nailed the arson and murders down to that nasty villain Carl! confrontations at the registry office are happening!  and goodness me, his bride Stella doesn't suspect a thing!  Over on Enders, I have to boast that I was right all along about people saying they were leaving the square only to return two minutes later, and then people who we thought really had left the square and love trysts behind them were really there all the time.  Well Shakespeare know all about it anyway. And if Owner still gloomy after all of that there is a nice book to read to cheer her up. (Jamaica Inn folks - Owner actually went there remember?) . Ruggles we love him lots, has nested in the shed on the luxury carpet out of the rain so Owner cannot feel guilty about that (give it time).  Now I must dash as I may need to chase a mousey round or two to get Owner smiling again.  One day to countdown folks and then it's the massive birthday.
Big love Wonka x