Thursday, 26 September 2013

Have a go Thursdee

Wonka here.  Weather report to follow:  gone very warm and sunny. for this time of year.  one minute warm next minute not. up down up down up down and how's your father?  Or is it bob's your Uncle?  we have lots of those sayings here in sunny England folks.  Have to whisper news that Owner very run down and says given up (tried to rally I really really have).  Says horrid day at work.  sort of walked out (you know I have been dreading this folks, I mean what will we live on?  shall I starve? etc) Turns out sudden change of routine threw Owner out (of comfort zone) feel undermined (Oh no) and demoralised (bring out the violins now.  I may have to go under the bed.).  All this on top of feeling rough culminated (I do love that word is it a verb|?  is it a doing word?  I culminate, they culminated etc) in Owner coming home at lunchtime instead of being brave and soldiering on.  I mean Owner is the last one to give up as a rule.   But I have to agree, sometimes, situations need giving up on.  Has not stopped since arriving home via well known supermarket spending money we no longer have.  (that credit card will be poised to take a bashing).  Now on the bright side, if I can find one, ooh yes, Owner loves new Stephen King book and will probably read it fast.  devour it even! also on bright side it is Friday tomorrow yes.  also on bright side has not as yet got a knock back from anyone about any opportunity.  so that's three positives already!  We are to watch Enders despite twisted love, weird looking Kirsty and Ian's endless family thingys.  Oh and recovering Lauren slipping into the arms of a nere do well (spelling).  there might be something else on like that educating Yorkshire but not sure if that's a good idea at the minute after the day Owner had.  I will send a giant prayer up for it all to come right.  (to the God of poor situations).  Now ruggles will be waiting for his tea time so must go and check.  Go steady out there folks and be strong! Big love Wonka x