Wednesday, 18 September 2013

laid back Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Weather report:  gone  bit milder, was sunny all day, and sharp wind dropped.  How do I know you say if you a happy prisoner confined to a luxury carpeted dwelling?  Well I have all my senses thankyou very much and when Owner flings open a window do I take the trouble to sniff the little bit of air coming in.  And I observe the spindly Buddleia at the end of the yard blowing in the gale force wind if there is one.  And finally, I lay in very available sunspot.  Of course Owner wraps up well whatever the weather and has only stopped short of putting the earmuffs on.  Now laid back you say?  Well although a full on day for Owner (so says), which amounted to work, aged sibling followed by meeting about aged parent, came home smiling (is Owner in love I wonder??).  Did not go to shops for any nice food for me or any other further shopping, says worn out.  By??  Now tea is on and yes I have been fed roughly about 5 or 6 times.  Rug was waiting outside for his teatime and got a big treat of real chicken.  Owner went out to tidy up dish and who runs out of the shed but the usurper Tinkerbelle.  I think a photo shoot of both Ruggles and Tinkers is now due and will jog Owner to do.  In the meantime we are half way through the week and Owner has decided it is a 'fast week'.  This has reminded me of something else Owner has talked of and that is to describe a road as a 'fast thirty' road.  I think this means people get their foot down and do about 40 in a 30 mph zone.  So a fast week must mean zipping through the days at a seemingly quicker rate and thereby getting to Fridee tout suite!!  now what we may watch on the box tonight is our Corrie helping with Hayley dying by the episode.  Owner says nothing else on but where have I heard this before.  Must go as feeling peckish.  go steady out there folks.
big love Wonka x